Episode 1: Introductions/Basics of Evaluation/English Barleywine/DMS

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ThumbnailThis is the inaugural episode of Brewnology: The Fusion of Beer and Knowledge. In this first episode, you are introduced to the hosts, Dean Wiensch and Jason Johnson. The focus of this series is how to evaluate your homebrew for troubleshooting and recipe formulation purposes. Topics of this episode include introductions to the hosts, the difference between evaluation and enjoying a beer, a rough evaluation of an aged English Barleywine, and DMS. The on-air evaluation process is quite different from what we are used to and it shows in this first episode, we are learning from our mistakes and will continue to improve.

I’d like to note that our choice of beer for evaluation was poor. We were not considering that listeners probably cannot even get this beer to follow along. For this we apologize and will re-do this style at a later date with a more easily obtainable sample.

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