Episode 11: Listener Beer Review, Retaking the Exam too soon, Belgian Golden Strong, and Hops Part 2

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ThumbnailI would first like to take this moment to mention that we are working on upgrading our studio, thanks to support from our sponsors. In doing so, we altered our recording environment. As it turns out, we don’t need  as much gain on the mics. Unfortunately, we discovered this fact after we recorded the show. So there are some parts of the recording that are a bit out of balance. But we worked to correct it in the next episode. We learn as we grow! With that said, I think we have a neat show for you here. We get our first listener beer which was a Baltic porter. What we discovered here is listener beers do cut into the show a bit, so we are thinking of making this a monthly (for now) special edition when we get these submissions. It sounds like we have several listeners interested in sending beer so that may be route we go. Then we kick it into gear with a bit of rant on retaking the exam too soon. What we are talking about is basically people newer to judging but expecting advanced rank so they keep retaking the exam over and over a few times a year in an attempt to play the numbers. Then we move on our evaluation, which is a Belgian Golden Strong. The commercial example is Piraat from Brouwerij Van Steenberge (the maker of Gulden Draak) and should be widely available. Finally we finish our our hops discussion by taking a look at hop schedules, hopping methods, and hop families and their generalized characteristics. We toss a lot out there in this one so you may need to listen twice!

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