Past Podcasts

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Episode 1: Introductions/Basics of Evaluation/English Barleywine/DMS (DownloadiTunesSpreaker)

Episode 2: 2015 BJCP Guidelines/Oktoberfest/The Boil (DownloadiTunes Spreaker)

Episode 3: Entrant Questions and Concerns/American Brown Ale/Diacetyl (DownloadiTunesSpreaker)

Episode 4: BJCP Judging Exam Prep/Anderson Valley Gose/Water for Extract Brewers (Download iTunes Spreaker)

Episode 5: BJCP exam Recaps/Alt (Summit Sticke Alt)/Acetaldehyde (Download -iTunesSpreaker)

Episode 6: Judging Kit/Czech Pils (Sierra Nevada Nooner)/The Mash (DownloadiTunesSpreaker)

Episode 7: Judging Specialty Beers/Oatmeal Stout (New Holland’s The Poet), Astringency (DownloadiTunesSpreaker)

Episode 8: Modern Oktoberfest/Schwarzbier (Köstritzer)/Chilling Wort (DownloadiTunesSpreaker)

Episode 9: BJCP Ranks/American Porter (Black Butte Porter)/Oxidation (DownloadiTunesSpreaker)

Episode 10: Shipping Beer/American Premium Lager (Grain Belt)/Hops Part 1 (Download iTunesSpreaker)

Episode 11: Listener Beer Review, Retaking the Exam too soon, Belgian Golden Strong (Piraat), and Hops Part 2 (DownloadiTunesSpreaker)

Episode 12: Rank Intimidation, English IPA (Sam Smiths India Ale), and Esters (DownloadItunesSpreaker)

Episode 13: Scoring Beer, American Barleywine (Avery’s Hog Heaven), Fermentation Temperature (Download -iTunes – Spreaker)

Episode 14: Descriptive Ability, Helles Bock (Capital Maibock), Lightstruck Beer (DownloadiTunes Spreaker)

Episode 15: Scoresheet Completeness, Brown IPA (Indian Brown Ale), Brewhouse vs mash efficiency (DownloadiTunes Spreaker)

Episode 16: Scoresheet Feedback, American Wheat (Oberon), and Dry Yeast (Download iTunesSpreaker)

Episode 17: Perception Ability, Scottish Export, Infections, and a Listener Submitted Beer (Download iTunesSpreaker)

Episode 18: Scoring accuracy, Oud Bruin, and Tinctures (DownloadiTunes Spreaker)

Episode 19: Doctoring Beer, Saison, Brewery Upgrades (Download – iTunesSpreaker)

Episode 20: To Judge or Not to Judge, Witbier, Troubleshooting Method, Harsh Bitterness (DownloadiTunesSpreaker)

Episode 21: Entrance Exam Tips, Dunkelweizen, Yeast Starters (DownloadiTunesSpreaker)